2022-23 School Year 

Elementary iPad Loan Agreement For 5th and 6th Grade Students Only

Description of Terms

Please read through the following loan agreement and cooperative loss description of terms carefully. You may have completed this permission form in the Annual Back ot School Update. If you did, there is no need to complete this again.

At the end of the document there is a link to a required form to collect your information and digital signature.

Parent Responsibilities

Your student has the opportunity to take home an iPad to improve and personalize his/her education this year.  It is essential that the following requirements be followed to ensure the safe, efficient, and ethical operation of this iPad.

  • I will supervise my student's use of the iPad at home.
  • I will discuss our family’s expectations regarding the use of the Internet and email at home and will supervise my students use of the Internet and email.
  • I will not attempt to repair or clean the iPad.
  • I will report to the school any problems with the iPad.
  • I will not load or delete software from the iPad.
  • I will make sure my son/daughter brings the iPad to school every day.
  • I understand that if my son/daughter comes to school without his/her iPad, I may be called to bring it to school.
  • I agree to make sure that the iPad is returned to the school when requested and any time they ceases attendance.
  • Any use deemed irresponsible or inappropriate by the District may result in the loss of their right to possess and/or use this iPad and may also result in disciplinary or other action.

Student Responsibilities

Your iPad is an important learning tool and is for educational purposes only. In order to take your iPad home, you must accept the following responsibilities.

  • When using the iPad at home, at school, and anywhere else I may take it, I will follow the policies of the Westside Community Schools—especially the Student Code of Conduct—and abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
  • I will treat the iPad with care by not dropping it, getting it wet, leaving it outdoors, or using it with food or drink nearby.
  • My iPad is my responsibility and will stay in my possession at all times.
  • I will not load any software on the iPad without teacher permission.
  • I will not remove programs or files from the iPad.
  • I will not give personal information when using the iPad.
  • I will bring the iPad to school every day.
  • I agree that email or any other iPad communication shall be used only in compliance with this Agreement.
  • I will keep all accounts and passwords assigned to me secure, and will not share these with any other students.
  • I will clean my iPad using only the cleaner provided by my teacher.
  • I will return the iPad when requested and upon my withdrawal from Westside Community Schools.

One Apple iPad may be taken home by the Student/Borrower (“Student”) and is in good working order.  It is Student’s responsibility to properly care for the equipment and ensure that it is kept in a secure place.

This equipment is and remains the property of Westside Community Schools, and is lent to the Student for educational purposes only for the academic school year.  Student shall not deface or destroy this property in any way.  This iPad is provided on the condition that it must be used responsibly, appropriately, and in accordance with District’s policies and rules, the Student Code of Conduct, as well as, local, state, and federal law, and shall not be used for commercial purposes. Any use that violates these requirements may result in loss of the right to possess and/or use this iPad and may also result in disciplinary and/or other action, including referral to law enforcement. 

Any and all use may be monitored and viewed by the District at any time.   Use of this iPad is not private.

The equipment must be returned to the school upon request by Westside Community Schools, or at any time the Student ceases to attend Westside Community Schools.

Student may not install or use any software other than software owned or approved by the District and made available to Student in accordance with this Agreement.  One user account with specific privileges and capabilities has been set up on the iPad for the exclusive use of the Student to which it has been assigned, and he/she shall make no attempt to change or allow others to change the privileges and capabilities of this user account.

The Student shall not attempt to add, delete, access, or modify other user accounts on the iPad and on any school-owned iPad.

The Westside Community Schools network is provided for the academic use of all students and staff, and the Student shall take no action that would interfere with the efficient, academic use of the network.

Identification and inventory labels/tags have been placed on the iPad.  These labels/tags are not to be removed or modified and in the event they become damaged or removed, contact tech support for replacements.  Additional stickers, labels, tags, or markings are not to be added to the iPad.

An email account may be available for each Student to use for appropriate academic communication with other students and staff members.

It is the Student’s responsibility to regularly back up his/her files.  Ask for assistance if needed.

The District is not responsible for any iPad or electronic viruses that may be transferred to or from Student’s other data storage medium and Student shall use his/her best efforts to assure that the district property is not damaged or rendered inoperable by any such electronic virus while in his/her possession.

Nebraska statute: 79-737 and 79-2,127 allow the District to obtain reimbursement from, or on behalf of, students for any damage to, loss of, or failure to return school property.  Use of the District Property is a privilege and not a right.  Student acknowledges his/her responsibility to protect and safeguard the District Property and to return the same in good condition and repair upon request by Westside Community Schools.

iPad Damage/Loss Cooperative Fund Description of Terms

Please read the entirety of the following section to determine if this program is needed for you and your Student’s protection against damage and loss of the loaned iPad equipment in your care.

Coverage and Benefit

This agreement covers the iPad loaned to the Student.  Coverage is during the time the iPad is out of the Student’s home elementary building.  Total value will be determined at the time of loss or damage.  In no case shall the value be greater than $300.00.  In the event of damage or loss, this agreement will pay 66% (up to $200.00) of the amount of damage or loss.  You will be responsible for 33% (up to $100.00) of the amount of damage or loss. Chargers ($20) and cords ($10) fall under the $50.00 damage threshold and are not covered under this program. A Cooperative Fund participant’s responsibility for broken screen glass that generally costs us $80.00 to repair would be $25.00.

Effective and Expiration Dates

This coverage is effective from the date this request form and payment are received by the school through the date at which the iPad is requested to be returned in good order to the school.

Cost to Participate

The cost is $25.00 per school year or $12.50 per school year with free/reduced lunch status on file.  Partial semesters are not refundable.

It is agreed and understood that:

  • Participation is offered to all students.
  • Participation is totally voluntary.
  • A separate application will be needed for each iPad covered.

Principles and Guidelines

We are continuing this exploratory project that will allow 5th and 6th grade elementary students the option to take their school-owned iPads home for academic use.  We are also laying the groundwork for K-4 students to take their iPads home when necessary.

This is a big step for our district and requires a great deal of planning, preparation, and cooperation.

Program Principles/Guidelines:

  1. The student iPads may go home when and if the teacher deems necessary and appropriate for academic use.
  2. Families are responsible for the care and safety of the iPad during the entirety of the time that it is gone from the home elementary building. The replacement cost of a lost, stolen, or destroyed iPad is $300.00. The cost to repair a broken iPad screen is usually about $100.00 .
  3. Families have the option of participating in the district Cooperative Loss Program at a cost of $25 (see the attached documents). In the event of damage to or loss of a district iPad, paid participants in the Cooperative Loss Program would be responsible for 30% of the  repair/replacement cost.   The Cooperative Loss Program would cover the remaining 70% of the cost.  NOTE: In the event that an iPad is lost or stolen, it will be the family’s responsibility to contact authorities, file an official police report, and provide the case number to Westside officials.
  4. These iPads are for careful use at school and home locations and are not for general use in public settings such as while walking, riding the bus, or attending athletic (or similar) events.
  5. The iPad should remain in the backpack during transition from school to home, home to school, or school to school.  If a student has an after school activity (such as a club or after-care) backpacks containing iPads should not be left unattended in a public space.  The student should keep their backpack with them or leave it in a secure area with the adult supervising the club or after-care program.
  6. Once home, student iPad use should be monitored by responsible adults to ensure safe, appropriate, academic use.  A kitchen table cleared of food and drink is an example of such a public location.  iPads should be kept away from all impacts, food, liquids, and any other materials that might cause damage.
  7. iPads are not to be taken to friends’ and relatives’ homes for recreational or social purposes.  iPads should be kept out of sight in a safe, secure location when visitors are present in the home.  Safe locations do not include the floor, especially where there is a lot of foot traffic or where pets can easily access.
  8. It is the family’s responsibility to make sure that the iPad is returned to school the next day.  It should also have enough charge ( > 50% ) for use in class the next day.
  9. Care should be taken when charging the iPad.  Do NOT charge the iPad in an area where someone might get tangled in the cord.  Do NOT charge the iPad in or near where the cord or iPad may become covered with paper, bedding, or other materials that might produce a build-up of heat.  Lost or damaged chargers are the responsibility of the student and family.
  10. The district will be setting up the iPads to have internet traffic filtered through Westside content-filter systems. However, parents/guardians need to understand that no filter system is perfect.  There is no replacement for wise student decision-making and vigilant adult supervision.