Laptop Frequently Asked Questions

In pursuit of higher levels of efficiency, performance and reliability, in the coming weeks we will be helping certified staff members transition from their current 4+ year-old laptops to new MacBook Air laptops with increased storage.


GOAL: Provide up-to-date technology so certified staff can effectively and efficiently perform their jobs.

PROBLEM: Existing certified staff laptops are 4+ years old, are beginning to fail, and many are unable to reliably perform the tasks being demanded of them.

SOLUTION: Replacing the existing laptops of certified staff with new Apple M1-based MacBook Air laptops with twice the storage of current MacBook Airs.  These new laptops have shipped and are scheduled to arrive sometime in February.

IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS: Your building tech support will reach out to each certified staff member to set up an appointment to transfer data. This process will begin soon after the shipment of devices arrives. Our goal is to have this transition completed by spring break.

General Questions

Q: Who will be getting an M1 MacBook Air?

A: Certified Staff that currently have a 13” MacBook Air will receive the new M1 MacBook Air.

Q: Can I buy my current laptop? Can I keep my current laptop?

A: Unfortunately, no. We will be trading in the current MacBook Air devices.

Q: Will there be a public sale on the MacBooks?

A: No, we will be trading them into a 3rd party company in bulk and will not be selling them individually.

Q: If I already have an M1 MacBook Air, do I get a new one?

A: Yes! The new ones will have more storage space for you. The current devices only have 128gb of storage, the new ones will have 256gb!

Q: Are the ports the same on the M1 vs my current MacBook Air?

A: No, the new M1 MacBook Air’s use a USB-C connector, the same as the iPad Pro. If you have adapters (video/audio, power) and other peripherals that you’ve purchased for your iPad, those will now work with the M1 MacBook too.

USB-A devices (“Normal” USB) will need an adapter to work with the new MacBook, as will display adapters. Technology will purchase a number of adapters for each building (prorated by size of student population) to distribute.

Q: How will the refresh work? Who will transfer my data?

A: The technology team in your building will work with you to get you transitioned to your new laptop. Our hope is to minimize the amount of time that you are without your Mac. To help, please make sure that you are signed into iCloud on your CURRENT MacBook Air with your Westside email address and have turned on ‘Desktop and Documents in iCloud’. More information, including a ‘preflight’ checklist will be coming soon.

For Principals:

Q: What do I need to do in my building?

A: Your building tech support staff will be setting up a time with you and your staff to migrate your data to the new device. Please be supportive of your building tech’s as they work to set up times with you and your staff.

Q: Do I need to swap out my laptop ?

A: Yep! We will be switching out all laptops, even if you already have an M1. The new machines have twice as much storage space, which should be helpful!