Technology Update #2


Welcome to issue #2 of the Westside.Technology Update! We want to tune the content to what YOU find interesting and relevant. If you have questions, let us know. If you have an idea, or something you would like featured, also let us know. You may be featured in a future issue! Featured in this update are several resources about accessibility and a focus on programming – appropriate as December is home to Computer Science Education Week.

Accessibility Tips and Tricks

iOS devices such as the iPad come with assistive features that have changed the learning landscape for students with special needs. These innovative technologies allow every student to experience the fun and function of iOS.The iPad accessibility settings are divided into four sections, which include vision assistance, hearing assistance, learning-based guided access and the physical and motor assistance settings. These settings can help those who might otherwise have problems operating a tablet enjoy the iPad.
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Question: I like what you’re doing with the technology newsletter. How can I see past issues?


I’m glad you enjoyed the first issue! I have created a website where you can access past issues of the Westside.Technology Update. Click here to access it!

Thought of the Week

Everything old is new again. Isn’t it funny how ideas and trends in life tend to come and go? As any viewer of Netflix’s Stranger Things can attest, nostalgia is back in full force. So what does this have to do with education? We’ve come a long way. Technology has evolved. What students DO with technology has come a long way. And yet ideas tend to come back around. Click to read the rest of the story.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code Logo December is home to Computer Science Education Week. One of the premier events of that week is the Hour of Code. This event encourages everyone to take an hour to try their hand at computer coding. There are many resources available to Westside students and staff. The easiest way to get started is to check out and


Welcome to the showcase. Here, we will feature apps and websites centered around a theme. This month, in honor of Computer Science Education Week, we are featuring apps and websites designed to teach you programming skills!

  • Where it all started.’s website is easy to use and is engaging for students of all ages. This is a great place to get started. Learn from many popular culture characters the basics of coding and then try your hand at more advanced playground ares.
  • Scratch and Scratch Jr.: Developed by MIT, Scratch and Scratch Jr. are a great entry point for many students. It’s easy to learn, but also allows students to create their first programs.
  • Kodable: This iPad app is great for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students to receive an introduction to coding, it teaches computer science concepts though fun, engaging gameplay.
  • CargoBot
  • PixelPress Floors