Tracing Letters in Explain Everything

Many of you have already discovered the Magic of Explain Everything, and have found some amazing ways to utilize this digital screencasting whiteboard on the iPad.

In keeping with this same magic, Explain Everything has undergone a bit of reconstruction and is now more powerful than ever. One particular upgrade includes New Templates which provide a starting point for kids and teachers.

I’ve provided a link to one such template below which provides students with a Letter Tracing template in which they can record their pen strokes, speak about the letters  they write, and even add photos of things that start with the letter they’re working on. As always if you would like us to come to your class and introduce this or any other tool to your kiddos, please let us know.

“Meet Stacey Bernier, Digital Literacy Coach from the Langley School District, who’s job is to help teachers use digital tools. His go-to app is Explain Everything for assignments across different age groups all the way through middle school (K-8). One of the most exciting and rewarding, however, is his experience in digital literacy training in kindergarten. ” Read more at: