Upcoming Technology Trainings 2019-20

8/27 Let’s get started with Google - Google Basics/Email/Calendar
This session is a great introduction to two of Google's most powerful tools; gmail and google calendar. In this training you will discover new ways to manage your schedule more effectively, as well as organize, search, and automate your gmail box.
1/16 Connecting students via Google Tour Builder
Storytelling creates an interactive, and emotional connection to learning...In this session you will explore Tour Builder, an interactive storytelling tool that connects people to places using Google Maps and multimedia content
9/5 Mac Tips and Tricks - Getting the most out of your mac Did you know that your mac has tons of hidden tricks that only power users know? In this session we will explore some of the awesome things your Mac can do such as combining pdfs, signing documents, and managing your files like a power user!1/21 Stop Motion in the classroom
This session will examine the ways in which animation can be used as a framework for a range of curricular needs using a simple tool called Stop Motion.
9/26 Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote
Still scrambling for your notepad or sorting through pages of old notes to find what you need? One Note is a digital note taking app that will allow you to write, share, and organize notes in a digital notebook accessible from any device.
2/4 What’s next for Blackboard? Check out Ultra
Blackboard now offers a new look and a new experience with the release of Blackboard Ultra. This session will provide an overview of the Ultra experience, and explore all the new changes.
10/7 Master the iPad for Learning: Become an iPad Productivity Pro (Tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPad)
Have you ever wondered if there was a quick way to do this or a better way to do that on the iPad? This session will introduce you to features that can increase productivity, and help you perform tasks faster and more efficiently.
2/18 Collaborating with Keynote & Pages
When you want to collaborate with someone on a document or project, Apple’s iCloud.com offers collaboration features that can make it easy to work with others. You can use Apple’s iWork apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) and iCloud.com to streamline this process
10/22 PE Tech Tools
Technology is a natural education fit in everything from math to Spanish to literacy. The one corner of K-12 learning that is not so obvious is PE — Physical Education. In that class, we think of physical stuff — not digital — like running and exercising. Is there a way to use these to encourage physical fitness? This session will explore a few resources to do just that.
3/10 Tools to Spark Student Reflection
Reflection can feel like just one more thing to cram into an already too-short course. But stopping to take a breath rather than jumping right to the next project or activity helps students learn from mistakes and recognize strengths and weaknesses. This session will explore a few tools to get students reflecting!
11/12 macOS hidden Treasures
MacOS has a number of really useful features you may have never known existed such as Virtual Desktops, and the ability to rename several files at one time. This session will explore a few favorites you should try on for size.
3/31 Tools to develop Student Portfolios
It has been said that student portfolios are narratives of growth. Fortunately there are many tools available for crafting engaging student digital portfolios. This session will explore a few of our top picks.
11/21 Getting started with Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is a free creative app that can be used to create dynamic materials to tell a story through the use of impactful social graphics (Spark Posts), web stories (Spark Pages) and animated videos (Spark Videos).
12/12 Everyone Can Create: Using the iPad Creatively with Early Learners
Every student learns differently, finds inspiration in different places, and communicates ideas uniquely. Everyone Can Create includes four project guides that introduce the fundamental skills and techniques of video, photography, music and drawing.

All training’s will be held in the Professional Learning area of West Campus from 4pm-5pm unless otherwise indicated. 

Please contact Matt Lee if you are interested in having a training done in your building.

To register for a training, please contact Deanna Laux via Westside Gmail

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