Westside Video Procedures

Updated 8.4.20

During Extended Campus Learning, students and staff may leverage online video chats as a way to maintain communication with staff members and students. Westside is using Webex as our video conferencing system. 

 District Procedure:

  • Students K-12 have the ability to JOIN Webex Meetings created by teachers. All students have the ability to create sessions.
  • All staff and student have access to Webex Teams and Webex Meetings.
  • ‘Office Hours’ with students should be optional.


1) Location: Set up in a common area of your house, with school-appropriate background imaging. If these criteria are not met, the teacher will end the transmission and ask the student to call back once fixed.

2) Attire: Please wear clothes you would normally wear in public to school. If a student is in his/her pajamas or other inappropriate clothing, the teacher will end the transmission and ask the student to call back after he/she has changed clothing.


  • All board policies apply and contents of staff handbook apply.
  • Only video chat with students if they are in a common area. 
  • Location: Set up in a common area of your house like an office or living room. 
  • While you don’t need to be in ‘work clothes’, you do need to appear professional and adhere to professional dress guidelines.
  • Our goal is to have mostly asynchronous learning and NOT require students to have a mandated time to log on as a whole class.  
  • If you have an open Webex link for the class, this is considered a ‘public’ area and is treated like ‘office hours’ or the IMCs at the high school. Parents/guardians do not need to be notified of these meetings. 

1:1 Meetings

Some situations might require one on one meetings with students to deliver services and lessons. 

  • Follow all of the above expectations
  • Students will need to have an adult present and/or the parent/guardian should have access to the meeting link (this is for staff/student protection)
  • For secondary students, if the teacher sets up a 1:1 Webex Meeting with a student, please copy the parent/guardian on the invite link. The parent/guardian does not need to be present, just needs to know it is happening

Technical Tips for Better Chats Using Webex:

  • Don’t walk around while the camera is on
  • Have your device plugged in or charged
  • Be aware of what’s in the background behind you. You don’t want to accidentally overshare with your students or parents!
  • If you’re using your computer, avoid starting any large downloads and turn off any streaming music/video before starting the call.
  • Use headphones with a microphone if at all possible.
  • Try to get as much light as possible on you. It will make you look better!
  • In a group meeting situation, mute your microphone when not actively speaking. This is especially important as the number of participants in a group chat increases. You might want to come up with a signal inside of the Webex chat to indicate if someone needs to speak.