Financial Literacy for Students

There is no disputing that being financially literate is an empowering life skill. Students who are provided with this knowledge and skills are much more effective at managing their financial resources for a lifetime of financial well-being.  With that in mind, I  wanted to share a great tool that was listed as one of the top tools of the year by Common Sense Learning. This web-based tool, Next Gen Personal Finance, has a robust collection of financial literacy curricula, projects, and content-relevant gaming for middle school and high school students. More specifically, I was drawn to the activities library which provides real-world engagement options. This resource has also partnered with other tools you may know and love such as Nearpord, Kahoot, and BrainPOP. All of these tools have integrated lessons, quizzes, and content that pair with NGPF financial literacy content. Take a look below for an example Activity dealing with Behavioral Economics:

Sample Activity:

New Year, New Money Trends

A shocking new survey reveals that teens are thinking about money differently compared to the way they viewed money in the recent past. Social media trends and Gen Z financial goals prove that the shift is to a more long-term approach!

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