Get to Know Your Students with Keynote

Looking for a great activity to both better know your students, and introduce a great technology tool? This activity does both!

Using Keynote, their iPad, and their camera, students will get to know their peers, and you!


  1. Share the attached Keynote file with each of your students. You can AirDrop it to them, post it to Google Classroom, or even direct them here to download it!
  2. Once students have the Westside Bingo Keynote file opened up on their iPad, walk them through how to insert a picture into the bingo square (i.e., click on the + button to insert a picture, then select ‘Take Photo or Video’.)
  3. The task: Have students mingle and share about themselves with each other. The goal is to find someone that fits the criteria of a box, and then insert a selfie/ picture of that student onto the board. The first to get a ‘bingo’ wins! (OR, first to get all, etc.). Then, have students share out what they found out about their classmates.

Keynote FIle: