Getting Started with Webex in 2021

The all new Webex brings everyone together to do exceptional work: One easy-to-use and secure app to message, meet and get work done. For folks that have been using Webex over the past year, we’ve put together a resource highlighting all the changes. For everyone else that is new to Webex, or would just like a refresher, read on!

Downloading Webex

Webex should already be installed on all staff iPads. If you’ve deleted it, you can re-download from Mosyle Manager. Wanting it on a cell phone? You can search for Webex on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

On macOS, we are in the process of updating the app on teacher laptops. You might see Webex, and you may still see Webex Teams. Don’t fear, those are just different names for the same app!

Getting to Know Webex

The first thing you’ll want to do when getting started with Webex is to take a look around! Webex looks similar on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Web. Click the link below to get taken to Cisco’s support page where they will walk you through everything you need to know.

The Webex UI (User Interface)

Personalize Your App

Ready to do some work?

Had a chance to poke around and customize your workspace? Now, let’s dive in to actually USING Webex! Here are a few resources to get you up and running!

Getting Started with Webex

Spaces and Teams

Manage Your Teams and Projects

Manage Notifications

General tips for managing notifications

Set Notifications for All Spaces

Set Notifications for Certain Spaces

Video Meetings in Webex

The new Webex also includes advanced meeting capabilities. You can do impromptu meetings and scheduled meetings using both a unique, one time link or in your own personal meeting room.

Start an impromptu meeting from within a space

Schedule a Meeting from a Space

Schedule a Meeting from Google Calendar

Share your Screen and Other Content

Change your Video Layout in a Meeting

Video Layout Customization: The Stage