‘Hidden’ Feature of Magic Keyboard

One of the notable features of your iPad Pro is its modular nature and portability. The Magic Keyboard helps transform your iPad into a laptop-like device ready for productivity. However, sometimes it’s better to switch into tablet mode and be able to walk around your classroom unincumbered by cords or keyboards.

Your iPad has a hidden feature that makes this mode switch even easier!

Instead of charging your iPad this way:

Take a look at the left side of the keyboard case…

That USB-C port on the hinge will charge your iPad!

This way, you can leave your Magic Keyboard at your desk, and quickly pop off your iPad Pro and move around the room!

NOTE: This USB-C port is ONLY for power/charging. If you need to hook up any USB-C devices such as flash drives, web cams, microphones, or hard drives, you’ll still need to use the USB-C port on the iPad itself.