Sharing Student’s Work

For the month of November, Carrie Brown, Dustin Carlson and Alli Pontious share different ways that students can share what they know!

Notability + PicCollage with Carrie Brown

I use Notability for everything! Students enjoy taking notes on their ipads as I’m teaching.   In this case, I wanted the students to take notes while their peers were teaching. First, the students created a pic collage on what they were going to present. Then, I collected all the pic collages and combined them into one document so that I could resend them to the students to open in Notability and take notes as each of them presented. Below is one example, but you could surely do this with content. I hope this video is helpful!

  1. Students email you their pic collage.
  2. Open their email.
  3. Drag their pic collage to your desktop and open it.
  4. Click file, then export to PDF.
  5. Save it to your desktop with the name.
  6. Open one.
  7. Click on thumbnail.
  8. Then drag the others into the same document.
  9. Rename the document to encompass the whole project.
  10. Email it to your students.
  11. Then they need to open it in notability and then they can take notes on it while their peers present.

When you first open the Notability App, there will be a welcome page when the students open for the first time. This is a great way for the kids to practice beforehand and get all their “play” out of the way so that you can expect full participation once you start teaching!

How to Open the document in Notability from an Email:

When your students open the email, the attachment will appear in one of 2 ways:

  1. If it looks like a small square that says PDF on it:
    1. Open the document.
    2. Click on the square with an upward arrow in the upper right hand corner.
    3. Click on “open in Notability.”
    4. Click on create new note.
    5. Click import.
  1. If the document looks like it’s already open in the students’s email:
    1. Hold your finger down on the document
    2. Click on “Open in Notability.”
    3. Click on create new note.
    4. Click import.


Seesaw with Alli and Dustin