Technology Update #41

In this Issue

Welcome to issue #41! In this update, we’ll take a look at how to keep your technology healthy and happy during cold weather, learn all about a great NEW tool from Adobe called Adobe Spark and then explore tips and tricks to be more productive on the iPad. Enjoy!

Thought of the Week

With winter fast approaching We at tech would like to give you some tips on taking care of your device! Check out the advice below from WHS Technology Manager Michael Sanchez.

1.Careful Storage:Never leave a laptop, even in a well-padded and insulated laptop case in your vehicle for more than an hour in cold weather. The laptop could freeze causing parts to become damaged.

2. Let it warm up:Once you bring a laptop in from the cold, allow it to warm up to room temperature before booting.

3.Do not use devices such as mug warmers, pocket warmers or hair dryers to heat or keep a laptop warm. They are not designed for this purpose and can create problems as they will not heat or keep a laptop warm in the right way. They could heat the wrong parts of a laptop or cause it to generate too much heat and melt internal components

4. Keep it out of the cold & away from snow/water:Whenever possible stay out of direct exposure to cold weather conditions by staying in a vehicle, inside a building or other type of shelter. Protecting your laptop from excessive dampness or wetness from snow will keep your keyboard from freezing and other problems from developing.

So what should you if your laptop is left in the cold?
The first step is simply to let the computer thaw. The laptop should be at room temperature before you power it on. If the laptop is in sleep mode, you should avoid even opening the laptop, since that may automatically wake the computer. Even once the computer gets to room temperature, it may have condensation on it because of the change in temperature. If your computer looks wet let it dry naturally and bring it to Tech Support/submit a help desk ticket. If you turn on your computer when it is wet, it may short one or more electrical connections, which could cause the laptop to stop functioning.

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by your building’s tech office or email the helpdesk we are happy to answer any questions.

New from Adobe – Adobe Spark!

Adobe Spark is the integrated web and mobile solution that enables everyone, especially teachers and their students, to easily create and share impactful visual stories. Spark works on both the desktop (MacBook) and on iOS devices (iPad/iPhone).

Adobe Spark supports three story formats, three ways to express ideas:
Spark Page turns stories into modern, professional, attention-grabbing web pages. With Page, teachers and students can bring words and images together in fun ways, turning essays, assignments, reports, and more into engaging visual stories.
Spark Post enables you to create stunning social graphics in seconds. Start by remixing a design from the Inspiration Wall, or start from scratch to create a truly unique masterpiece.
Spark Video lets you turn your story into a captivating animated narrated video in just minutes. Presenting a report, explaining a concept in class, or telling a personal story has never been easier. Starting with a blank slate, or using gentle prompts as a guide, teachers and students use Spark to talk through their story one line at a time.

Learn how to access Spark and find instructions on how to use this tool in your classroom by checking out the Spark page on Area 66: Spark is available to ALL Westside students and staff.


iPad Tips and Tricks – The More you know!
Being productive with the iPad is easier now than ever before! With iOS 11 and 12, new productivity focused features have been added and new apps are now available. Check out the short overview below. Let’s get producing!

Trackpad Mode
The iPad has the ability to let you have a virtual trackpad when editing text. You can access it both while using the onscreen keyboard, and with an external keyboard attached.
See how here!
With Split View, you can use two apps at the same time. For example, you can view photos while you compose an email. Or look at Safari while typing in Notes.
See how here!
Drag and Drop Between Apps
With drag and drop, you can move text, photos, and files from one app to another. For example, you can drag text from Safari into a note, an image from Photos into a an email or a calendar event into a text message:
See how here!
Install Microsoft Office
You can run Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad! You’ll be able to view, edit and create files and sync those files with your Mac. Using the Files app, you can save them to Google Drive, or your Managed AppleID iCloud Drive account.
See how here!


As always, if you ever have any technology integration related questions, please let us know. We are happy to work with you to design lessons, develop workflows and even come into your classes and work with you and your students.