Wanted! A Few Good Teachers

We’re looking for a few Dynamic Teachers!

Are you excited about new technology and the opportunities these provide to your students? Are you someone who embraces the technology, and is willing to learn alongside students while giving them opportunities to explore it? If you answered in the affirmative to these questions, we want you to consider being a part of our Teachers Technology Team!


  • Develop capacity in teachers to effectively implement new and existing technology into their classroom.
  • Facilitate support system in each building to assist with classroom integration of technology for student learning
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration, sharing of ideas and developing connections with teachers outside of your building.
  • Gain access to new and innovative technology as an early adopter.
  • Access to professional content and learning resources to develop an academically immersive classroom.
  • Priority for conference attendance (e.g., NETA, NE Fall Tech, Google Summit, etc..)
  • Team members will receive 3 units of pay per year as compensation for their time and efforts!

Team Member Expectations

  • If chosen, commit to serve on team for 1 term commensurate with the Technology Refresh Cycle(ie: 3 or 4 years)
  • Commitment to working as a team both synchronously (via face to face meetings or webex) and independently. This could include summer meetings, meetings on professional learning days, and/or meetings outside the instructional day.


  • How have you transformed your learning environment?
  • How has technology played a role in this transformation?
  • Why do you want to be part of the team?
  • How do you currently share your success with integrating technology with others?

Thinking about the 4 items above, create a piece of media that can be evaluated in under two minutes that showcases your ideas. This could be a video, an iBook, a spark post, a comic, an audio-recording or anything else. Be creative! The only requirement is that it tells your story and describes why you want to be part of the team.

Once you’ve created your product, submit via email to: tnt_apply@westside66.net

All applications need to be received by DECEMBER 1, 2021.