What is TNT?

Teachers in Technology or TNT is Westside’s new technology integration program. This program is designed by teachers, for teachers.


  1. To develop capacity in teachers to effectively implement new and existing technology into their classroom.
  2. To facilitate support system in each building to help with classroom integration of technology for student learning.


TNT is a three part program.

Facilitators : Facilitators are teachers that will be selected to lead the program. The facilitators will help to develop program agendas, create resources and lead professional learning activities. Each facilitator will receive 3 units of pay per year to help compensate them for their time and efforts

Participant Cohort: Participants in the TNT program will form a cohort that will participate in a 2 year professional learning program. The program will be lead by the facilitators, and focused on improving their ability to use technology in their own classrooms. Each cohort member will receive 1 unit per year as compensation for their time and effort.

TNT Alumni: Once a cohort participant has successfully completed the 2 year program, they become a TNT alumnus. All alumni members will be part of an online community where they can share resources. Alumni members will also receive priority when determining things like NETA attendance or the opportunity test out new technologies.

Implementation Timeline

Fall 2021: Select TNT Facilitators for each building.

Spring 2021: Facilitators design the 2 year professional learning program, establish scope and sequence. The first cohort of participants will be selected.

Fall 2022: Cohort 1 participants will meet and go through year 1 of TNT professional learning.


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