YouTube Kids Blocking Access?

By Daniel Glazer

Sometimes, students log in to their personal Gmail accounts on their iPads. If they have done this, and their parents have configured their child’s personal accounts as a kid’s account, then this may cause issues when trying to play YouTube videos such as those posted through Seesaw.

If your student is saying they are having issues watching YouTube videos and show you that this following screen is popping up, that’s likely the issue…


  1. In Safari, navigate to
  2. In the top right corner, should be a circle with either a photo or a letter inside of it. Click on this circle.
  3. A window will come up with the icon, the name, and email address of the account in question.
  4. If it is NOT a email address that is showing up as the main account, then click sign out.
  5. Once you have visually verified that the main account is now, please go back to Seesaw (or the YouTube page) and try again.