What’s New with Flipgrid?

How do you get input from your students, or check for understanding? In the classroom do you use a “Fist to Five”? Or in your remote delivery classrooms do you use “Discussion Boards,” or digital Exit tickets? Enter Flipgrid, you may already be using it or have heard about it from a fellow teacher. Flipgrid is an amazing tool to collaborate, communicate, give feedback, and most of all give your students voice in your classroom.

Flipgrid gives students the opportunity to respond to teacher prompts via video. Students can record their own thoughts, feelings, and concerns in the privacy of their own space. You can watch, and reflect on what the student is sharing and provide individual feedback. Or you can create a collaborative space where students can share their thoughts and ideas with peers, or even provide support to one another. However you decide to use Flipgrid, this tool will take learning to a whole new level, making it even easier to reach that ‘Redefinition’ stage in the SAMR model. And if this wasn’t enough, Flipgrid has undergone a huge facelift making this tool even more powerful, partnering with tools like Adobe Spark, and Langston League which teaches educators how to design culturally responsive-sustaining curricula and experiences Take a look here to see just how much Flipgrid has grown!