3D Models in Explain Everything

Explain Everything Whiteboard has now partnered with the market leading 3D platform, Sketchfab, making it possible to utilize 3D models on the digital whiteboard. Having the ability to use 3D models in a digital whiteboard environment provides a way to creatively ignite learning by presenting real world objects in a way that allows them to be freely manipulated, analyzed, and examined. Consider the following possibilities as ways to enhance learning with 3D objects:

  • Support interactive visualization-based learning, as you can freely manipulate, scale and animate 3D objects.
  • Engage students in more active learning approaches.
  • Support physics, biology, chemistry, art, history and mathematics by showing any objects (like geometric figures, buildings, ancient objects or cells) from any angle and with the appropriate proportions.
  • Stimulate spatial imagination.
  • Make deeper understanding of concepts easier and possible.
  • Provide an opportunity for countless analyses, as they don’t occupy any physical space, so you can access objects you normally couldn’t (works of architecture, specimens, organs).
  • Make thorough examination of an object possible.

Take a look at this example of a physics lesson with the use of 3D model in Explain Everything:

💡 Good to know!

To be able to add new 3D models, you need to have an account on Sketchfab and be logged in. You can quickly sign up for free via Explain Everything with Google or email – there’s no need to even leave the app. You can then search for and add the chosen models straightaway. 

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