Getting Help-Tech Support

Submitting a Help Desk Ticket

Need help? Have a tech issue? We’re here to help!
In order to better respond to requests AND make it easier to report issues, we’ve simplified the technology support request process. Instead of emailing a person or a building we’ve condensed it down to the below.

There are 2 email addresses to remember for the tech department!
For questions specific to accounts/setup with online instructional systems please email Instructional systems include Clever, Pearson, EduTyping, TCI, IXL, and others.
NOTE: This does NOT include ASSESSMENT systems/accounts like Illuminate, EduClimber, Fastbridge, etc. Those should be directed directly to Lisa Paquette.
For all other tech support questions, email This includes hardware, software, internet, printing, Webex, AppleTV, and any other technology-related issue. ALL buildings will use this email from now on. The system will direct your ticket to the appropriate building staff automatically!

Is a technology service online?

Wondering if a district website is down for everyone, or if it’s just your machine that is having issues? Check out our status web page! It updates automatically with the current status of all major district resources.