Grammarly for Education

Westside students (Grades 5-12) and all staff have access to Grammarly for Education! If you aren’t familiar with Grammarly, it’s a tool to help improve your writing by checking for spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, tone, and more!

Great writing is more than just mistake-free writing. Grammarly helps you move beyond “good enough” by providing suggestions to make writing clearer, more engaging, or more effective. It also evaluates your writing for more nuanced editorial decisions, like tone and sentence variety. For students and researchers, Grammarly offers plagiarism detection and citation support so papers stay original and use proper citation practices throughout.

Setting Up Grammarly

On iPad

  1. Open Manager and Download Grammarly
  2. Once downloaded, open Grammarly and click on ‘Continue with Google’
  3. Log in with your Westside Google Account (i.e., Westside Access)
  4. When prompted, follow the directions to allow full access to the Grammarly keyboard

Once installed, you have two ways to utilize Grammarly.

First, you can use the Grammarly ‘keyboard’ to check text in any viewable text field, including Pages, Word,,, Webex, and more. This works with both the on-screen keyboard and when an external keyboard like the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad or the Logitec Keyboard. See this link for more details:

Second, you can paste text directly into the Grammarly app OR compose text there first and then paste it into another app. Learn all about the Grammarly Editor at this link:

NOTE: Grammarly cannot be accessed in Google Docs via Safari, even using the keyboard. It’s recommended that you create your text in another app like Pages or the Grammarly App and then copy+paste into the Google Doc.

On Mac

  1. Open Manager and search for Grammarly
  2. You will see two options. It’s recommended that you download Grammarly Desktop. This will enable Grammarly on your Mac.
    1. If you are a Safari user, also download Grammarly for Safari to install the Safari Extension.
    2. If you are a Chrome user, you’ll need to install the Chrome extension separately. Click here to be taken to the Chrome Store to download and install the extension. Follow the prompts to add it to Chrome.
  3. Once the Grammarly Desktop App is installed, open it from your Mac’s Applications folder and follow the prompts to log in using the ‘Continue with Google’ option.

Once installed, the Desktop app will make Grammarly suggestions available in most apps on your Mac, including Pages, Word,, and others. The Safari and Chrome extensions provide for access on various websites. NOTE: To use Grammarly with Google Docs, you must use Chome. Safari/Firefox/Edge are not currently supported.

Want to learn more about Grammarly Desktop for Mac? Check out this resource.


Here are a few resources to help you start using Grammarly on your iPad and Mac.