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Westside teachers earn Apple and Google certifications!

Apple Teachers are recognized for their understanding of how to use Apple products for teaching and learning. They have proven knowledge of using iPad, Mac, and built-in apps to enhance productivity and inspire creativity in their classrooms and beyond.

Google Certified Level 1 Educators are those that have learned the fundamentals of using Google tools in the classroom. Level 1 validates standard technology implementation skills.

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Announcing Teachers in Technology! Westside’s technology professional learning program for teachers, by teachers.

Teachers in technology, or TNT for short, is a teacher facilitated program that works to improve how staff use technology in their classroom. Launching in the Spring of 2022, the first cohort of teachers will participate in the program in fall, 2022.

For more information, including how to apply to be a team member or in the cohort, click the link below.

TNT Information.

iPad Accessibility

By Bridget Brown | November 23, 2016
iPad Accessibility iOS devices such as the iPad come with assistive features that have changed the learning landscape for students with special needs. These innovative technologies allow every student to experience the fun and function of iOS.The iPad accessibility settings…

Cold Weather Computer Care Tips

By Bridget Brown | November 15, 2016
With winter fast approaching we would like to give you some tips on taking care of your device! 1. Careful Storage: Never leave a laptop, even in a well-padded and insulated laptop case in your vehicle for more then an hour in cold…

The New Google Sites

By Matt Lee | November 14, 2016
The new Google Sites have arrived! What can I do with the new Sites? You can build a classroom web page, make a resource site and more —all without designer, programmer, or IT help. With the new Google Sites, building websites…

Creating A Custom Search Engine for Students

By Matt Lee | November 1, 2016
Created by Alex King and Jenna Miller If you are starting a research project and would like to control where your students get their resources from then this tool is for you! With just a few simple clicks you can…

Student Technology Teams

By Matt Lee | August 26, 2016
By Meredith Chambers and Kelly Heflin ATTENTION TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS: If you are looking for quick technology support right in your building, look no further than your classrooms! Many schools across the country are utilizing the technology experts in their…

Reflections from NETA 2016

By Matt Lee | May 2, 2016
Embrace Your Passion. Passion. Everyone’s passion is unique. Reading through the reflections of Westside’s staff revealed teachers and administrators who are passionate about a great many things. From blended learning to breakoutEDU to online scavenger hunts to sketch noting, each…

Getting Started with Seesaw

By Matt Lee | February 23, 2016
WHAT IS SEESAW? Seesaw empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school. Students capture learning with photos and videos of their work, or by adding digital creations. Everything gets organized in one place and…

Green Screen Video

By Matt Lee | February 4, 2016
How to do Green Screen Photography on an iPad by Terri Kleinschmit What is Green Screen Photography? It’s a painless process that allows you to replace a solid colored background with a background of your choice. Why use Green Screen…

Ideas for the iPad’s Camera in Your Classroom

By Matt Lee | January 11, 2016
In the month of January, the eMerge team would like to give you a few ideas on innovative ways you can use your iPad’s camera to let students learn with video. Using the camera in the primary grades by Ali…

Introduction to Coding: The Hour of Code

By Matt Lee | November 28, 2015
It’s December and you all know what that means. It is time for another Hour of Code! Computers are everywhere, but fewer schools teach computer science than 10 years ago. Good news is, we’re on our way to change this.…