Social Emotional Learning Activities

The transition from a traditional classroom to remote learning has been no easy feat. Yet, despite the challenges, teachers across the country, and within our very own district rose to the challenge and made what seemed an impossible feat, happen. As we navigate these challenges, it  becomes especially important to integrate social emotional learning into these learning spaces to support our students, their families, and ourselves as educators. 

Here are 4 considerations for SEL in a remote or traditional classroom setting:

Music for SEL

Music is a great way to connect kids to SEL. Take a look at this lesson in Flipgrid where students listen to a song about being unique. Follow this with a whole class discussion on what this song means to them individually. Then have students connect personally to the song and respond to a teacher provided prompt. 

Stress Management

Doodling or Spontaneous drawing can be a great way to relieve stress. The amazing author, Mo Willems hosts drawing sessions through the Kennedy Center and wants to doodle with students. Check out this activity on Seesaw- Let’s Doodle with Author Mo Willems.

Human Connection

Show and Tell is a great way to foster peer to peer connections, and build pride and confidence in students. Take a look at this lesson in Seesaw which provides students with teacher prompts regarding the item they will be sharing. 

Identifying Emotions and Healthy Coping Strategies

Want to help students identify emotions and self regulate by providing at-home coping strategies, and encouraging healthy activities? Check out this Google Slide Deck to share with your students.