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Westside teachers earn Apple and Google certifications!

Apple Teachers are recognized for their understanding of how to use Apple products for teaching and learning. They have proven knowledge of using iPad, Mac, and built-in apps to enhance productivity and inspire creativity in their classrooms and beyond.

Google Certified Level 1 Educators are those that have learned the fundamentals of using Google tools in the classroom. Level 1 validates standard technology implementation skills.

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Announcing Teachers in Technology! Westside’s technology professional learning program for teachers, by teachers.

Teachers in technology, or TNT for short, is a teacher facilitated program that works to improve how staff use technology in their classroom. Launching in the Spring of 2022, the first cohort of teachers will participate in the program in fall, 2022.

For more information, including how to apply to be a team member or in the cohort, click the link below.

TNT Information.

Technology.Update #71: Back to School 2022-23

By Matt Lee | August 5, 2022
In this Issue Welcome Back to School! I hope everyone had a great summer and you’ve returned recharged and ready to go! This email is a bit long, and please take a moment to look through these important updates. Back…

Technology.Update #70: New Staff Essentials 2022-23

By Matt Lee | August 5, 2022
Issue 70: New Staff Essentials 2022-23 New Staff Tech Essentials Welcome to Westside! This email may be a bit long, but contains everything you need to know to get started with district technology and services. District Intranet The district Intranet…

2022-23 Technology Professional Learning

By Matt Lee | August 5, 2022
Check out the below for our formal professional learning schedule for the 2022-23 school year. In addition to the formal sessions and drop-in ‘office hours’, we have a wide variety of asynchronous and on-demand resources. Teachers.technology: This is our home…

Sign in With Google Allowed Services

By Matt Lee | August 4, 2022
In order to protect staff and student data, Westside is restricting the apps and services that users can use the ‘Sign in with Google’ or ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ button on. You can read more about this change here. The…

Important Changes to How District Accounts Work With Other Services

By Matt Lee | July 29, 2022
May 18, 2022 Westside staff, Due to security, privacy and Westside Board policy, starting on June 30, Westside will be enhancing our policies on how Google Add-ons, Extensions and ‘Sign in with Google’ / ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ will interface…

2022-23 Back To School Technology Opportunities

By Matt Lee | May 18, 2022
Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! The technology integration department is happy to provide support, coaching and professional learning sessions to help get you ready for the school year. Please take a look at our offerings for Back to School…

iPad Summer Challenge 2023

By Matt Lee | May 10, 2022
Looking for something creative to do this summer with your iPad? Check out the PDF below, created by Apple, to give you some ideas. As you complete the activities, you’ll level up your skills for the upcoming school year!

Technology Update #69

By Matt Lee | April 27, 2022
In this Issue Welcome to issue #69! In this issue, we focus on two things: exploring how one WHS teacher uses the iPad to transform his science classroom, and then at a few quick tips about some lesser known, but…

Writing an Email Collaboratively

By Matt Lee | April 27, 2022
Google now allows you to collaboratively craft email messages. Are you on a grade level team and need to write an email to advertise a family night? An administrator that has to carefully craft a parent communication? With Google Docs,…

Undo Send with Gmail

By Matt Lee | April 26, 2022
Have you ever accidentally hit send before you were ready? With Gmail on the Web, and in the Gmail app on iPad, you have the ability to quickly un-send a message that you accidentally hit send. Be quick though –…